Water & Waste in Gothenburg

3 Oct 2019

Welcome to Åby Fair October 23-24. Are you going to the new meeting place for the VA, recycling and waste industry? Contact our Marketing Manager Christian Baarlid and he will tell you how an ... Read more »

Groundwater levels in September

19 Sep 2019

The groundwater in the small reservoirs has generally recovered since the turn of the month. However, some areas in Götaland, Svealand and central Norrland still have levels below or well below ... Read more »

The AXsensor is Sigfox Ready

5 Sep 2019

The AX sensor is now certified according to Sigfox Ready. The Sigfox Ready certification is mandatory for all devices to be connected to the Sigfox network. Sigfox is an affordable and reliable, ... Read more »

Groundwater levels in August

22 Aug 2019

The groundwater levels in the small reservoirs continue to decline in most of the country and the levels are well below normal in central Norrland and eastern Götaland/south-eastern Svealand. In ... Read more »

Groundwater levels July

31 Jul 2019

The levels in small magazines are falling throughout Sweden and are now below or well below normal in Götaland as well as in southern and western Svealand. In the larger magazines, the levels are ... Read more »

Introduction to waste classification

17 Jul 2019

The European Commission has produced a guide providing detailed information on waste classification. The classification of waste is decisive for how a number of environmental regulations are to ... Read more »

IoT Sweden changes its name to Sigfox Sweden

1 Jul 2019

To emphasize the global offering in the Sigfox networkTraffic growth by over 20% per month in the Swedish network The Internet of Things Sweden changes its name and becomes Sigfox Sweden, the ... Read more »

Best in Test!

3 May 2019

Congrate IoT Sweden! Your 0G IoT Gateway is best in test. Read more here! Read more »

See you at IoT Week in Aarhus in June?

23 Apr 2019

June 17-21 is the IoT Week in Danish Aarhus. AXsensor AB will be there. Will you be there? Please contact our marketing manager Christian Baarlid. Who knows, there may be common interests in our ... Read more »

Increased reporting and collection of facts provides better knowledge of the groundwater

27 Feb 2019

SGU has commissioned by the Government examined how information about groundwater and water supplies can be improved and expanded. A new report proposes, among other things, amendments to the Act ... Read more »