Groundwater levels in December

29 Dec 2019

Small magazines: In the small basic magazines, the levels have risen considerably and are well above normal in Svealand and parts of Götaland and southern Norrland. The levels are normal for the ... Read more »

The recycling industries produce a roadmap for eliminating fossil fuels

18 Dec 2019

The Swedish industry organization Återvinningsindustrierna (Recycling Industries) is now starting work on developing a roadmap for a fossil-free and circular economy within the framework of ... Read more »

Groundwater levels in November

5 Dec 2019

In the small magazines, the levels are close to normal or above normal for in large parts of the country. In eastern Götaland and Svealand, however, there is an area with very low levels. The ... Read more »

New salesman at AXsensor AB

1 Nov 2019

Welcome Claes! Claes Johansson is our new sales person. He has extensive experience in international sales in the chemical industry. For over thirty years he has worked for several multinational ... Read more »

Groundwater levels in October

28 Oct 2019

The groundwater level in the small reservoirs is now normal in large parts of Sweden. However, some areas in Götaland, Svealand and central Norrland still have lower levels than normal. In the ... Read more »

Water & Waste in Gothenburg starts today

23 Oct 2019

Welcome to Åby Fair October 23-24. Are you going to the new meeting place for the VA, recycling and waste industry? Contact our Marketing Manager Christian Baarlid and he will tell you how an ... Read more »

Groundwater levels in September

19 Sep 2019

The groundwater in the small reservoirs has generally recovered since the turn of the month. However, some areas in Götaland, Svealand and central Norrland still have levels below or well below ... Read more »

The AXsensor is Sigfox Ready

5 Sep 2019

The AX sensor is now certified according to Sigfox Ready. The Sigfox Ready certification is mandatory for all devices to be connected to the Sigfox network. Sigfox is an affordable and reliable, ... Read more »

Groundwater levels in August

22 Aug 2019

The groundwater levels in the small reservoirs continue to decline in most of the country and the levels are well below normal in central Norrland and eastern Götaland/south-eastern Svealand. In ... Read more »

Groundwater levels July

31 Jul 2019

The levels in small magazines are falling throughout Sweden and are now below or well below normal in Götaland as well as in southern and western Svealand. In the larger magazines, the levels are ... Read more »